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We are a small training and rehabilitation stables, located on the edge of a small village called Compton Verney, in the South Warwickshire countryside. We take a limited number of horses for training each year, with a focus on having high success rates, rather than a high turnover of horses. Alongside the daily training of the horses kept here at Home Farm, we also teach visiting clients from all over the UK, as well as hosting clinics and courses with various other equine professionals.




BARN AND GRAZING Our huge American Barn has 16 light and airy Loddon stables, all with external windows, rubber matting and automatic water drinkers. We have a hot wash box and two sets of heat lamps. We have 20 acres of paddocks available, which we subdivide and rotate the horses around frequently, to avoid overgrazing. Natural shelter is only found around the perimeter of the field, so when the weather is particularly bad we tend to bring the horses into the barn at night. For most of the year, the horses live in the paddocks at night and come into the barn during the day.

OUR APPROACH to keeping horses is perhaps nothing new. We simply try to balance the needs of each horse with the requirements and limitations of modern day horsekeeping. Unfortunately in most areas it is no longer possible to keep horses in a natural way due to a lack of acreage and plant diversity. So, in order to manage our land to keep it healthy we must adapt the way we keep our horses to provide the stimulus they require to keep them healthy and happy, without degrading the land to the point where it becomes unhealthy and of poor quality as over time this will affect the health of the horses in residence here.


Our horses need to move. Lack of movement can lead to a whole range of issues and therefore our horses are kept out in the paddocks overnight for as much as the weather allows us to. Small herd turnout is preferred, but we keep new or visiting horses separate from the groups. We believe that for most horses, some short time in the stable does them no harm, and may in fact enable them to rest properly. Some horses will not sleep deeply enough when living in the paddock with other horses


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