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Welcome to Dan Wain Equestrian


I am a dedicated and professional trainer with a very simple philosophy; to improve the quality of life for sport and leisure horses through correct riding, training and management.

Please browse our site where you will find information about our ethos, our facility, the services we can provide, and much more. 

If you have any enquiries, please get in touch.

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About us...

We are a small training and rehabilitation stables, located on the edge of a small village called Compton Verney, in the South Warwickshire countryside.
We take a limited number of horses for training each year, with a focus on having high success rates, rather than a high turnover of horses.
Alongside the daily training of the horses kept here at Home Farm, we also teach riders from all over the UK, as well as hosting clinics and courses with various other equine professionals. Read more

Training options

As individual as your horse!

There is never only one way that works for everybody, or every horse! Some people learn visually, others need to be more hands on. Some horses are straight forward and others require us to think outside of the box. That's why we offer a range of options, all of which can be combined or tailored. We want to create something which truly suits the way you and your horse learn and develop.


Residential Training & Rehabilitation

Price Guide: £40/day

A bespoke service, 100% unique to each and every horse. Enrol your horse in full-time training with us for a duration of your choice. If needed, we can work alongside our team of vets, and other equine professionals, to provide your horse with the best chance of reaching his full potential.


3 Day Residential Training Package

£250 per horse

This service works extremely well in a situation where the client is looking to enter the horse into a training or rehabilitation programme. It enables us to set out a clear plan and a goal, then assess the client's progress at their next visit (ideally 4-8 weeks).

Price includes 4 bespoke training sessions for you and your horse, over 3 days, plus 2 nights stabling and straw bedding. It may be possible to bring more than one horse at a time depending on our availability. Lorry hook up may be available for an extra charge, or alternatively there is plenty of local accommodation available.


Bespoke Training Package

£200 per horse

5 sessions of individually tailored training aimed at giving you the skills and understanding of how to work your horse correctly in order to improve his movement and behaviour.


We find that clients often benefit from a few sessions in close succession, particularly if they are not familiar with this way of working. It can help to break old habits and develop new skills, all while giving you the theory behind why these skills are important.


Sessions last approx. 1hr each. All 5 sessions must take place at our barn and within one month to qualify for this price. 


Clinics & Courses

Half Day / Full Day / 2 Day / 3 Day

I have limited availability to give clinics or courses throughout the UK. Clinics can include training on the ground or in the saddle, and can include Show-jumping and gymnastic pole work as well as Dressage. Courses can be one to one, or taught to small groups.

Discounts are available for regular clinics and those receiving follow up sessions within 6 weeks of their previous session.

Please get in touch for more information.


Poor Performance / Behaviour Consultation & Loading Training Sessions

Individually priced

I can assist in finding the reasons for a loss of performance or unwanted change in behaviour and help you to resolve the issue no matter how big or small.

Sessions can take place at our barn or yours, and can vary greatly in length so all consultations are priced individually. For a quote please get in touch.

I have limited availability to travel. Where necessary, travel charges apply.


Private Training Session

from £45 per horse

Dressage / Jumping & Gymnastic pole-work / Ground-work training available to all levels. 


Sessions promote correct posture and movement aimed at developing and enhancing the athletic ability of your horse. Sessions take place in our 60x30m arena with full length mirrors and a full set of jumps.


Initial session lasts approx. 90 mins and is charged at £75. Follow up sessions within 28 days are charged at £45. Otherwise £50

If you wish to enquire about a service which is not currently listed, please contact us directly.

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Read what our clients say about us...

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I can’t begin to describe how much benefit Dan has brought to mine and my horses’ life. I started on my groundwork journey back in May, and haven’t looked back since, despite a couple of wobbles along the way! I strongly believe this way of working horses to benefit their posture and wellness is vital to health of their back and spine. 
My horse Misty stayed with Dan on a few occasions, and I’ve never seen her so relaxed and happy. He has a wonderful way with horses that I one day aspire to have. Since starting on this journey, Misty has never moved so well - particularly when she comes home from staying away. I highly, highly recommend Dan and the rest of his team.

Sammie Finnemore Vet Physio

“Training should improve the horses' body, so that at fifteen, he is stronger and more supple than he was at five”

Manolo Mendez

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Dan Wain Equestrian
Home Farm, Compton Verney
Warwickshire CV35 9HJ
United Kingdom

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